About D8 AI Inc.

Vision: creating practical, economic AI solutions beneficial to human society

Mission: to efficiently provide businesses with custom AI solutions

D8AI Inc. is an AI service provider. Our products and services include enterprise-grade chatbots, virtual assistants, AI customer service, natural-language analytics, business data prediction, precision marketing, and AI document recognition, with applications in government services, finance & insurance, healthcare, retail, tech industries, etc.

Founded in 2017, the D8AI team comprises seasoned scientists and engineers with backgrounds in data science, information technology, and other STEM disciplines, holding doctoral and master’s degrees from various top universities such as UC Berkeley. Our team has an average work experience of over 10 years, with expertise covering natural-language processing, computer vision, predictive analytics, and full-stack software development and deployment.


Product Overview




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AI Assistant




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About D8 AI-Service Cloud

D8 AI-Service Cloud is a highly automated, deep-learning-based, AI service platform developed by D8AI Inc. This platform allows us to efficiently produce AI solutions tailor-made for enterprises or organizations. Its user-friendly interface allows enterprise users, even without a tech background, to modify and train their AI models continuously.

Currently the D8 AI-Service Cloud provides the following service modules:

  1. enterprise chatbot: including live-chat bot, telephone bot, dialog analytics, AI customer service and quality assurance;
  2. virtual assistant: including enterprise virtual assistants, workflow automation;
  3. business analytics: including natural-language analytics, business forecast, precision marketing; 
  4. digitalization: including AI-enabled document search and text recognition.

What D8 AI Service Cloud Can Provide


Live Chat Bot, Dialog Analytics, Customer Service, CS Quality Assurance, Telephone Bot



Enterprise Virtual Assistant, Workflow Bots


Natural Language Analytics, Business Forecast, Precision Marketing



Document Recognition, Document Search

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